Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Happy World Environment Day!

Hey everyone, we want to wish you all a Happy World Environment Day!! But mostly, we want to wish a happy day to our beautiful planet. Athina took this video early in the morning (while I was still sleeping!), hence the quite voice. Composting is something we've managed to do, even though we don't live on a ranch or have a large yard. If there's a will, there's a way! Composting is great because it spares waste from unnecessarily having to be hauled to a dump site (which requires fuel). It also prevents you from having to buy fertilizer for your garden. You should see how big our tomato plant is...8ft, not exaggerating! Not only is the tomato plant partially fertilized using our compost, but it actually CAME from our compost. You'll find that composting creates soil rich in nutrients, but also rich in seeds (from all the food that goes in). This sometimes means unexpected vegetables growing where you least expect them. Perhaps in a future video we'll introduce our giant tomato! Athina also mentions the importance of reusable containers. This avoids single-use plastics that fill the dump site and litter the land, not to mention wast energy to produce. With that said, be sure you don't own half a dozen reusable bottles. This cancels out the benefit!

Click here to learn more about "On the Road for Climate Action!"

                                                                              Dr. Shahir Masri