Thursday, December 6, 2018

Shahir Speaks at LA Environmental Conference

Shahir attended the Fifth Annual Health and Environmental Conference in Los Angeles. He was one of the four main speakers at the event and also had a booth where he was selling copies of his book, Beyond Debate. The audience was largely made up of Hispanic women, many of whom did not speak English (a translator was present). His talk was the only talk on climate change at the conference, and was well received! The conference was aimed at equipping undeserved communities with the knowledge to protect themselves and their families from toxic chemicals in their daily environments. 

An example is cleaning solvents and BPA in bottles. Shahir braved one of the strongest downpours this year on his drive to LA. On his way back, he popped into a bookstore to inquire about the prospect of them carrying his book, Beyond Debate. When Shahir left the bookstore, his book was on display at the store! A great way to wrap up the last month of the year. Beyond Debate is making its' way into a number of different hands, and we couldn't be more excited!


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